Eyewitness character
Eyewitness cast JamesPaxton 1920x1080
First appearance Buffalo '07
Last appearance Mother's Day
Portrayed by James Paxton
Nickname(s) The eyewitness (by Matt Murray
Gender Male
Occupation High school student
Semi-professional motorcyclist
Family Bo Waldenbeck (father)
Sally Waldenbeck (mother, deceased)
Significant other(s) Rose (ex-girlfriend)
Philip Shea (boyfriend)

Lukas Waldenbeck is one of the major characters in Eyewitness.

Official description Edit

Lukas Waldenbeck seems to have it all – popularity, motocross stardom and the hottest girl in school – when really, he’s a closeted gay boy who is scared to come out to his family and friends. With Philip as his new secret boyfriend, Lukas is finally starting to feel comfortable with his true self – until the boys witness a triple homicide and his sanity begins to slip as he’s hunted by the killer and haunted by the fear of being outed.

History Edit

Lukas attends Red Hook H.S. in Tivoli, NY where he is dating the popular girl, Rose. He is widely popular due to his motorbiking skills and good looks.


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