Philip Shea
Eyewitness character
Philip stock photo
First appearance "Buffalo '07"
Portrayed by Tyler Young
Gender Male
Occupation High school student
Family Anne Shea (mother, deceased)
Unnamed Shea (maternal grandfather, deceased)
Helen Torrance (foster mother)
Gabe Caldwell (foster father)
Significant other(s) Lukas Waldenbeck (boyfriend)

Philip Shea is one of the major characters in Eyewitness.

Official descriptionEdit

Philip Shea, a teenager from the projects who's seen more pain than any adult ever should, gets a fresh chance to start over in an idyllic small town with his new foster mother, Helen. He is on the verge of falling in love, when he witnesses a triple homicide with his closeted boyfriend – and the two boys swear themselves to secrecy for fear of being outed.


Some time before the start of the series, Philip was put into foster care due to his mother suffering from a drug addiction. He is taken in by Helen Torrance and Gabe Torrence and enrolled in Red Hook, a high school in Tivoli, NY. where he keeps his head low.

Season 1 Edit

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Buffalo '07 Edit

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With an interest in a filmography, he goes out with Lukas Waldenbeck to capture his motorbiking skills. They attempt to make love in Lukas's father's cabin but accidentally witness a gang meetup which results in only one survivor, a man named Ryan Kane, who makes attempts to eliminate them as witnesses.

Against the legal requirements of his mom's temporary removal of custody, Philip goes to his house to see her. She asks him about his life and he tells her about his relationship with Lukas.

Bless the Beast and the Children Edit

Philip lends the jacket he was wearing the night of the crime to his friend, Tommy, who goes out with his girlfriend, Tracy, wearing it. Ryan notices the jacket and kills both Tommy and Tracy, passing the murder off as a drug overdose.

Bella, Bella, Bella Edit

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Philip's foster father takes him out to learn how to row, but Philip leaves saying he has to go to school.

Philip attempts to further his relationship with Lukas by comforting him in the sadness of losing their friends by taking him to a gay bar. Lukas leaves as soon as he notices, then proceeds to kiss him in public.

Creme Brulee Edit

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The Lilies Edit

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The Yellow Couch Edit

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  • Philip discloses to Lukas that he is a virgin, despite carrying around condoms.
  • He has a very close relationship with his mother and hesitates very little in disclosing his emotions to her
  • Philip's jacket was given to him by his maternal grandfather[1]
  • He tells Lukas that he can't swim.
  • Philip is very fond of taking photographs and videos; he borrowed Tommy's DSLR and takes pictures with a Polaroid that Lukas gave him.


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